Are you building a new home? Need your lot cleared, road built or basement excavated?
Septic system specialists specializing in: Enviro-Septic, Eco-Flow; Inflitrator and conventional septic systems.
Expertise in excavation and sustainable forest management.


Septic System Fast Facts

  • A septic system transfers liquid and solid household wastes to a holding tank for treatment.
  • A house's sewer line delivers the waste to a septic tank buried nearby.
  • Solid wastes settle to the bottom of the tank where microorganisms digest it.
  • Waste water flows to distribution boxes that release it through drain pipes for dispersal in the drain field.
  • The septic tank should be pumped of accumulated solids as needed.
  • Some plumbing codes require that water from sinks and showers (called greywater) is distributed in a separate system that doesn't require a chemically active tank.


  • Topsoil
  • Gravel/fill
  • Field stone
  • Excavator, bulldozer, dump truck rentals

Forest Management

  • Tree removal and trimming
  • Brush chipping; lot clearing
  • Firewood

Firewood Available

  • We have firewood available for sale. Call 1.613.859.9108 now.